Thursday, 4 August 2016

Everything you are carrying, you have picked up

Throughout our lives we pick things up.

They can be physical possessions, abstract thoughts or intangible commitments.

Everything we pick up and carry, weighs something. Some are light and help lift us up, to feel as if we are floating through life and some feel so heavy they dig into our shoulders and weigh us down.

We feel everything we are carrying physiologically.

It's no surprise when we use phrases like, "a weight off my mind", "emotional baggage" or "the weight of the world on our shoulders".

What we carry costs us something. Emotionally, physically, financially. Sometimes it adds value to our lives and sometimes it detracts value. And sometimes what once added value no longer seems to, or vice-versa.

This blog has helped to explore what it means to live a more intentional life but recently it has felt more like a burden. Something I no longer approach with vigor and excitement.

Sometimes we forget that what we picked can be set aside, let go or put down. We have a choice. Right now, I need to say no to updating this blog to say yes to other things that need my attention.

I am far from finished though and have a lot more to write about, so this is not a good bye but an "I'll be back". In the meantime, feel free to explore the archives.

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  1. I look forward to hearing about any new ventures you take up or new directions you go in. Your blog has been enlightening in so many ways.


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